Accessible Koli

There is a lot to see in the Koli region for people who require accessible access. Over the years, we have also personally required easily accessible hiking destinations, paths and routes. We have enjoyed the nature of Koli with children, great-grandparents and disabled adults who have needed an even and easily accessible terrain. Although the terrain profile is highly challenging in places, there are suitable nature trails and campfires with stunning views for everyone. Many lean-tos can be reached by car when the ground is not frozen. When arriving towards Koli from the Kajaani road, you can find a short and even duckboard route from the shore of the small inner lake, approximately 5 km before the village. We have spent time outdoors there with, for example, great-grandparents and small children. The benches call visitors to spend some more time there and listen to the sounds of nature. In addition, I have gone on walks all around Koli with a pushchair. The best route is down from the peak (my fitness level can’t withstand pushing a pushchair up). Although there are a few steps along the way, they can easily be managed with a large-wheeled pushchair.

The route from our cabin to the Port of Koli is 1.8 km. A surfaced road runs there, and part of the journey can be travelled along a wooden pedestrian bridge at the shore of Pielinen. Children like to cycle along this route as there is an exciting river along the way, which flows very strongly in the spring. In the mornings, I often go on walks on my own. My favourite route is via the Port of Koli, up the side of Koli fell to Mattila’s farm and, from there, via the village and back to the cabin. This route has a distance of 5.8 km; the terrain is varied and eloquent.

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