Pielistuvat is being reformed!

We have enjoyed our free time in the landscapes of Koli for almost 20 years. The nature of Koli always presents us with a new aspect and makes at least me addicted to it. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe; it must be experienced.

We have considered that this would be something that would be nice to offer to others too. We faced the opportunity to take our idea further in the winter of 2022, so we decided why not. So, here we are, freshly starting small entrepreneurs. We acquired the Pielistuvat property, which was built in 2000. The same one we lived in so many times while our cabin was being built. The plan is to renovate the cabin now so that everyone, from babies to grandparents, would have the opportunity to stay as our guests. To begin with, we shall renovate cabin A and make it accessible. We shall reform the kitchen and the washroom/toilet/sauna premises and add air conditioning. We shall acquire new beds for all the property’s bedrooms so that guests can relax and recover after spending their days hiking. We have styled cabin B, and the first guests are already staying there. A new era, a new name: our cabin’s new name is Purnutar.

Hence, a lot of designing, demolition, cleaning, work, purchasing, painting, construction and sewing has taken place this spring. The project is now starting to be at a good stage. We will also have the A side ready by Midsummer.

Therefore, we would like to welcome our guests and make every effort to ensure that everyone has a pleasant and successful holiday in Koli! Here are some videos of Purnutar B before and after the reformation.