In a landscape that does not require presentation!

There is plenty to do all year round in the nature of the Koli region

The national park situated in Koli offers nature experiences combined with stunning landscapes. Nature trails of various lengths invite you for a hike. Koli has a broad offering for campers, hikers, bikers, skiers, downhill skiers, fishers, and everyone who enjoys being out in nature. A challenging and accessible nature trail with campfire sites runs to the peak of Koli. The Koli peaks’ route is also partially accessible. There is a nature centre and experiential spa at the fell of Ukko-Koli. The services at the village of Koli include a restaurant, a shop, a café, and tourist info. Koli was awarded in 2021 as Finland’s Best Hiking Destination. The village of Koli is part of the City of Lieksa. Koli-Lieksa is connected by the lake area Pielinen. There are also things to see and experience on the other side of Pielinen, in Lieksa. You can go around Pielinen by bicycle, motorbike or car. During the winter, the distance is halved when using the ice road. During the summer, you can also visit the lake by going on a cruise from the Port of Koli or Lieksa.


Our cabin, Purnutar, is located in the Purnuniemi area of Koli, at Isopurnu 1, 83960 Lieksa. Purnuniemi is a pleasant holiday cabin destination close to the village of Koli’s services. In the yard area and the surrounding terrain, it is easy to travel accessibly along the road. There is plenty of space in the yard area for several cars, and in the winter, there is the opportunity to use heating sockets for 2 vehicles. The yard area and roads to the buildings are made up of fine and hard-surfaced gravel. An even, short lawn surrounds the cabin’s yard area. A hard-based and wide gravel road runs from the cabin’s yard to the beach and the rest of the cabin village. In the vicinity (220m) of our cabins, you can find the start of an illuminated and asphalted pedestrian path. The footpath provides a pleasant way to travel to the village of Koli by foot, with a pushchair, wheelchair or by bicycle. The Port of Koli is passed along the way. In the summer, you can visit the beach, which is at a distance of 250m from our cabin. A short and wide sand path descends to the sandy beach. The beach has a sand and rock base. In the winter, the distance from the cabin to the illuminated ski tracks is approximately 150m and 3.9km to the skiing slopes of Ukko-Koli. Purnutar is a duplex with two identical cabin apartments with a floor area of 78 square meters and a high level of amenities. Pets are welcome at our cabins. The shared yard area has its own privacy, and there is no visibility to the other cabins. There is plenty of room in the yard to lounge, chill and have barbecues. You can even set up an event tent on the large lawn area. In the outdoor storage, you can find a gas grill or firewood to make an open fire. Outdoor games, a campfire site, a trampoline, and hammocks further increase enjoyment. In addition, you have access to use Purnutar’s private, traditional rowing boat (life jackets). In other words, your family and friends will all enjoy their stay.

Accessible cabin

Purnutar A

Is a cabin apartment whose surface materials have been renovated in 2022, and consists of a high kitchen-living room, two bedrooms, a sauna and a toilet. Bedroom 1 has a 90 cm wide bed, and bedroom 2 has a double bed. The spacious loft sleeps four people. The living room has a soapstone fireplace, which provides warmth and atmosphere.

In connection with the renovation, we considered the accessibility of the premises. There is a tiled path from the yard to the entrance door and a slope made of impregnated wood with an inclination of no more than 8%, together with handrails on both sides. There is lots of space on the terrace in front of the entrance door. There are no thresholds. There is a spacious terrace in front of the cabin, equipped with outdoor furniture for four people. The entrance door is 90 cm wide and equipped with a low and wide threshold. The cabin is accessed through a 90 cm wide outdoor vestibule door. There are no thresholds indoors. In the hallway, coat racks have been installed at a lower height, and there is a turning radius of 150 cm. The single bedroom, which has been designed to be accessible, is accessed through a 90 cm wide door opening (the door opening of bedroom 2 is 70 cm wide).  Next to the bed, there is approximately 130 cm of free space. The bed is a 90 cm wide divan with a thermal memory foam top mattress. The height of the bed is about 60 cm.

We have also designed the toilet and washroom premises to be accessible. The door opening is 90 cm wide, and the turning radius is 150 cm. A wheelchair can be taken next to the toilet seat.  The support handle is located next to the toilet seat on the left at a height of 70 cm, installed on the wall. The sauna has an electric stove and two normal-height steps to the sauna benches. The support handle on the wall facilitates getting up on the sauna bench. The kitchen is accessed through the spacious lounge. In the kitchen, almost all the dishware is located in the lower-level drawers. The oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher are also low and within easy reach. The kitchen tap has been placed closer to the outer edge of the kitchen top. There is a low worktop below the window at the height of approximately 72 cm. The cabin table furniture is easy to be moved out of the way of a wheelchair or other aid.


Purnutar B

Views to the Koli fell open out from the living room of the cabin apartment. The apartment boasts a high kitchen-living room, a spacious hallway, two bedrooms, a sauna, and a toilet. Bedroom 1 has 2 x 80 cm wide divan beds, and bedroom 2 has a double bed. The spacious loft sleeps four people. The living room has a soapstone fireplace, which provides warmth and atmosphere.



Accessible Koli

Accessible Koli

There is a lot to see in the Koli region for people who require accessible access. Over the years, we have also personally required easily accessible hiking destinations, paths and routes. We have enjoyed the nature of Koli with children,…